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Why Invisalign?

Why Choose Invisalign?

With more than 710 patents20 years of extensive clinical research and endless innovations, choosing Invisalign is a clear choice.  With 5 million cases and counting,  no other system is backed by the data and experience of Invisalign.  To get the best Invisalign find a doctor in San Diego. You can get in touch with us as well if quality tops your priority list.

Invisalign Vs Braces Cost

Treatment times reduced by Up to 50% 

Offering aligner changes monthly, you will reach your beautiful smile even faster.

For a wide assortment of cases, Invisalign is effective

SmartTrack material and Invisalign Proprietary SmartForce make Invisalign treatment effective for complicated cases. With developments like these, Dr. Qadeer can maneuver your teeth more precisely.

Better Comfort with a comfortable fit

Aligners produced using SmartTrack material are more enjoyable, better fitting, and less demanding and easier to put on and take off.

Proven results

SmartTrack® material and SmartForce® features are clinically proven to achieve almost 75% more predictable tooth allignment.

Invisalign Before After

Clear Correct vs. Invisalign, who does it best?
Orthodontic treatment of teeth alignment i.e. Vip Invisalign has seen many positive developments in the recent decade. How Long Does Invisalign Take?
Similarities between ClearCorrect and Invisalign : Invisalign Pros And Cons | How Long Does Invisalign Take?
• ClearCorrect and Invisalign provide a clear, non-invasive, metal-free alternative to braces.
• Both options are customized to fit a specific patient’s teeth.
• They both must be worn most of the day, only being removed for eating, drinking, flossing and brushing.
• Invisalign and ClearCorrect both straighten the teeth in small increments. The process works by wearing a clear aligner for a period of time, usually a couple of weeks, then moving on to a new aligner.
• It’s easy to remove and clean both products.
• Length of treatment will depend on the current position of your teeth and a dentist will oversee treatment and determine timeframe for either option.

People often wonder “How long does Invisalign take to straighten teeth?” A course of treatment with Invisalign takes 12 months for most adults, although actual time will vary from person to person.